Privacy Policy

It’s important for our users to understand that by navigating through our website and downloading our content, you’re agreeing to our terms and policies. In any website that actually interacts with the audience, there’s a lot of data that are collected for marketing, experience and business purposes. For that matter, it’s even more important that our clients also understand that the information we collect can never be directly related to a person unless that person gives voluntarily personal information for a specific reason.

What information do we collect?

The principal information we collect from our user is related to marketing and user experience improvement; by registering your search, the sections you visit in our site and the time you spend in every section, we’re able to predict what’s more interesting for you in order to bring you only the most related content.

In the same way, this information, alongside the IP address data will let us be able to actually interact and respond to every demand, suggestion or need our users may present. Among the data we collect with our client’s specific authorization there is:

  • Profile data: if you sign in with an account, any information that you enter will automatically be registered in our records. In this matter, the information includes personal identification data that will be private and by our use only, and public information such as username, profile picture, etc.
  • Comments, impressions, and opinions: everything that you post in any text box on our website will be public information and will be associated directly with the profile data we mentioned before.
  • Cookies: information regarding your navigating search and data, we’ll explain in the next section.

Cookies data collection

Cookies are navigation text files that are needed for making your navigation experience faster and easier, especially when entering a recurrent website. There’re 4 kinds of cookies:

  • Technic cookies: are needed for web sections and products. They basically are a way to recognize you while navigating through our website, save passwords or forms as well as adapting the website to your screen preferences, etc.
  • Navigation Cookies: are completely anonymous and they register the audience level of the different sections on our website.
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies register information in order to show you the kind of ads you’re interested in and also keep control of the most popular ads on our website.
  • Social Network cookies: sharing our content with other people and relating our website to you through “share” buttons. We do not control the information social networks manages through cookies.

What do we do with the data we collect?

First of all, it’s essential for us to make clear that any information we collect, besides the public information you voluntarily give, will be completely and totally confidential and we will NOT rent or sell your personal information to third parties or allow them to check on it by any means. The information we collect is used for:

  • Personal info such as e-mail is used for newsletters and mail listing.
  • According to your interests and if you agreed to receive info, we could send you marketing info regarding our partners without providing them your info.
  • Account management.
  • Advertising and marketing segmentation.

Contact address

If you are willing to contact us about the privacy policy or regarding some query, then do follow this contact form and send it to us.